How is the stone provided by Nally & Gibson produced?

The limestone that Nally & Gibson provides is mined from approximately 188-acre mine site located between I-75 and the Elkhorn Creek.  The stone is blasted from layers of Tyrone and Camp Nelson rock formations between 300 and 400 feet below the surface.  The stone formations were deposited on the floor of shallow seas approximately 450 million years ago.

Blasting and Hauling

Once the stone is blasted from the mine face, it is loaded into large haul trucks to be taken to the primary crusher. 

Primary Crushing

Large stones, the size of dishwashers and televisions are crushed to the size of basketballs and smaller.

Leaving the Mine

The mine entrance is 250 feet below the surface of the ground.

Conveyor to the Surface

From inside the mine, coarsely crushed materials are brought to the surface via a network of conveyor belts.

Stone is stored on the surface

On the surface, the stone is crushed again and sorted into common sizes used in the construction business. 

Secondary crushed and sorted

Finished stone is kept in sorted piles awaiting customer demand.