Our most common products

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#2Size of two baseballs. Used as base in softer ground.
#4Size of a baseball or tennis ball. Also used as base in soft ground.
#8 and #9Pea sized stone. These are clean grades of stone used in trenches, walkways and in asphalt surfaces.
#11Rice sized stone and gritty material.
#57Clean 1/2″ stone used as fill and farm driveways.
Dense Grade Aggregate
1″ stone down to dust. Can be compacted to create road surfaces.
Crushed Stone Base2″ stone down to dust sued to create road surfaces on softer ground or drainage areas.
Class | SandConsistency of sand made of limestone. This material is used for material filler in asphalt.
Ag LimePowder used to neutralize acidic soil
Natural Sand